Home Cooked Meals: Oct. & Nov. 2016

Every month I like to look back at the delicious dishes I’ve made. They remind me that there’s an infinite amount of cooking possibilities and to keep researching and experimenting with foods. Each dish was either an original recipe or from the Minimalist Baker’s blog, http://www.minimalistbaker.com. 

Vegan Purple Soba Noodle Ramen 

A Hot Pot of Wassail 

Vegan Falafel Sandwhich 

Recipe from Minimalist Baker!

Vegan Pumpkinh Bread

Another one of Minimalist Baker’s to die for recipes!

Vegan Pumpkin Soup with Kale 

Heart Red Bean Vegetable Soup

Vegan Chocolate Cake 

Recipe again from you-know-who! Highly recommend! 

Mama’s Chinese Porridge with A Chinese Donut 


“Get Drunk” by Baudelaire and Balboa Park FUN

Hey kiddos (I don’t know why I call you this. Edit: Actually I do.)

Take this, if you will:

 “Get drunk, always. That is the point: nothing else matters. If you would not feel the horrible burden of time   weigh you down and crush you to the earth, be drunken continually. Drunken with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you please. But get drunk.” —  Baudelaire

If you didn’t understand it, it’s not about actually being a drunkard. I think I might start all my outfit posts with a quote. I am an English major, after all.

We begin, yes. My friend and I cavorted around my city’s most well-known park, Balboa Park. Many of the buildings are in the Spanish Baroque style–making the architecture gorgeous. If you know me, you know I love anything baroque! Fun fact: “Baroque” actually means “absurd.” And if we will be frank with each other, which we will, the baroque style is so absurd and ridiculous and over-the-top that it we are attracted, rather than repulsed, to it. It is so ugly that it has become beautiful. I love that. I don’t fully understand it though, so I will be further discussing why something becomes beautiful when it reaches a certain degree of ugliness in later posts.

OUTFIT: At the moment I am deeply enamored with kimonos and I’ve styled it with a red blouse and a wide brim black felt hat, a safari-inspired choice of headgear in the jungle-like urban park. My favorite part about this kimono-esque outerwear is that though it may appear to be a solid black, black filigree patterns sprawl and climb and stretch all over the piece. I like this because it requires the viewer to take a closer look in order to see the full design of it.

Hat: Romwe / Kimino: Forever21 / Red Blouse: Forever21 / Black Gumboot Shoes: Urban Outfitters / Accessories: Grandma





A Small Part of Balboa Park (Image from Google)

A Small Part of Balboa Park (Image from Google)



Decor: Dorm Room

Transferring to a university and living in my school’s dorms from my parents’ home has liberated me in many ways. I never liked the way my mother decorated our home (if you can even call it ‘decoration’) so I always planned that when I moved out I would make my place indicative and expressive of my taste. Living in a dorm during the school year is not exactly moving out but it’s the best I have right now and it certainly feels good. The pictures below are of my side of the dorm room (I share with a lovely roommate). This is how I’ve decided to decorate for the spring semester and I hope it expresses some primavera vibes. I tried to make everything light and airy, almost ethereal, with the soft pastel colors, animal figurines and of course, the deer head (which I carved from cardboard with a pattern found on instructables.com). This is my first year living in a dorm (third year in college) and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such brilliant suitmates. Some of them introduced me to putting colorful lights in my room and after seeing the lavish effect in her room, I high-tailed onto the store and strung up a few in my own room. My roommate has a ton of lights herself, making our room look like a glowing box of color at night.

Dormitory walls can get real boring (also schools can have a lot of rules) so I hope this gives you ideas for how to decorate your dorm or just your room. I really like how my room’s turned out and if there’s any other decorators out there I’d love to hear what you think!


Big sheet on the bed is actually the Moonbeam Tapestry from Urban Outfitters.


Spray painted a big stick I found on campus. Makes a great accessory holder!






Giraffe mask looks likes she’s getting married! 😮

Christmas Gifts 2013 NO REGRETS

Hello! I am by no means trying to brag about whatever gifts I received this Christmas. I would just like to share with you all. Also I know this post is long overdue hehe! We begin.


Wide brim black hat from Romwe.com 


Retro Ring : Romwe.com (My sis always knows what I really want!)


Random African jewelry from my dad


Jewelry dish : World Market 


Gift card to Forever21, Streamlined Starbucks Thermos, Chinese red money envelope 

I’m really grateful and so lucky for everything I received and I hope ya’ll had a rejuvenating Christmas time. I return to my dorms tomorrow to begin the Spring semester a new. I will be incorporating these gifts into my upcoming outfit posts, as I know my givers would have me use them. And I must do right by my gift-givers. If only they (my sister) would do right by me and actually wear the things I gave her!

Outfit: How To Dress For Chick-fil-A’s Cow Appreciation Day (I Got Free Food For Wearing This So Bear With Me)



I know what it looks like. Yes, this is a personal style blog and my first post but I assure you, cow outfits are not normally a part of my “personal style”. You will find the title true as I did get a free meal at the fine establishment (and rather telling, as I love free food, and more so if I have to wear something ridiculous in public to get it). I never go there otherwise to be honest, but I do know how to enjoy it when I do go.

I saved the black spots I’d cut out of felt from last year and just make-shiftedly stuck them on with tape underneath. For the cow hat, I used the same cut-felt-and-slap-it-on method with a cute little creature (because it’s not a real animal and I’m still not sure what it is) hat.



Rockin’ cow outfit and free food. I don’t know what’s better. Many others dressed up as well as my good friend Keena! Still shocked someone responded to my cry for cow-costume-company on Facebook. We danced around in front of Chick-fil-A and you can actually see in the photo that the man to our left has an arm around his female companion’s shoulder, most likely thinking us some cow-costume-wearing-threats.


The next Cow Appreciation day is on July 11th 2014 so be there in your crazy spots, kiddos, AND FEAST.